Untamed: Riding West & Lawless - Emma Wildes This book gets an average of 3 stars. 4 stars for Lawless and 2 stars for Riding West. Maybe I missed something with this one. It got quite a few 4 and 5 star reviews, but I didn't get it. Lawless was a very enjoyable novella, but it's short length left me wanting more of the story. Riding West just turned me off from the first and I ended up skimming the last half. This was the longer story in this volume. The hero and heroine are both upstanding citizens who simply get their wires crossed. They are in love, but his proposal is logical and unromatic and she refuses him. To solve the problem, her mother and his mother agree it is a good idea for him to abduct her to get things settled????? I don't know, that just turned me off! I got halfway through, found them returned and married and facing rustlers on the range. Would rather have had a full length Lawless and left Riding West back in the pasture.