Pagan Encounter - Charlotte Lamb It’s another solid 4 star CL read for me. The hero was the typical CL hero. The only time I really disliked him was when Cathy attacked Leigh and he allowed Leigh to run off while he stayed to comfort Cathy. He did have some of the expected CL flaws. I think he did behave in a misleading manner to not only Ann, but Cathy. In front of Leigh, he calls Cathy “minx” and pats her on the bottom; he gives Ann flowers and takes her out to dinner. What’s up with him and these young girls??I wanted more on why the heroine was the way she was. I wanted to know more about the past that created this supposedly cold and aloof woman. Her 17 year old brush with a married man did not seem to warrant her cold detached manner. Perhaps more explanation of how it wounded her would have made more sense.Classic Harlequin moments: The elevator scene. When she finds him waiting in her apartment. I also liked his concern for her when he realized she went back to Phil’s room to explain after the hotel room incident.