Because I Could Not Resist - Beth Kery By the time I started the second installment, I felt a total disconnect from the story. I had to take the time to re-load part 1 on my reader and read the last few pages to remind myself where the story left off. That is a BIG problem and inconvenience.I can't stress enough that many readers find this serialization trend extremely off-putting. The story may have merit, but this method of publishing completely destroys book.I want to be "in" the story. I want to "feel" the emotions of the characters. It's just not possible to do it here.I had been looking forward to a new release from Beth Kery and am so disappointed that this is what the readers have been offered.I finished part 2 last night, and honestly, feel no anticipation at all for part 3.(Agree with others about the 30% advertising content of each installment. Not cool!)