Because I Am Yours - Beth Kery I rated and commented on the first two installments, but here are my final thoughts on this "book".I don't believe you can fairly rate a book by the chapter, so I have modified my ratings on each part to reflect my feelings about the book as a whole now that I have read all 8 parts.If this book had not been the selection of my book club, I would never have purchased more than the first part.As mentioned in my previous reviews, the serialized release of a book two chapters at a time is totally off-putting for me. It is frustrating on many levels. I can't connect with characters when I have to read 2 chapters, pause, wait, wait and then read two more. I've lost the ability to be "in" the story by the time the next part is released. I got VERY tired of having to skim the former part when the new one was released. If this was the only book I had been reading during the 8 week time period, it might not have been as bad, but I read quickly and usually read 2 books a week. As to the actual story, I felt a lack of depth in both characters and the rushed finish was extremely disappointing. Part 8, which could have added so much to the story, was the shortest of all the installments and left me wondering why I bothered to read this at all. I have enjoyed many of Beth Kery's books in the past. I think she is a very good story teller and that is why I feel so strongly about the lack of quality in this book.