Human Hieroglyphix (Human Hieroglyphix, #1) - J.A. Hornbuckle This is my second book by JA Hornbuckle. She is definitely an author that I enjoy and will purchase again.The editing showed improvement over her first book, [b:Pole Dance|17252200|Pole Dance (Dance, #1)|J.A. Hornbuckle||23842419], but I felt more emotion and connection to the characters in Pole Dance.The danger that Dex and Leila faced was a bit contrived and easy to figure out, but despite that, I found the story an easy read. Not too deep or angsty, but certainly enjoyable.The author's style of switching from first person POV for Leila then back to third person to get Dex's perspective works very well and the transitions are smooth with no repetion of story line as one takes up where the other leaves off.Great start to the series.And by the way when I say series I do not mean serial with a cliffhanger ending. It's a complete story with it's own HEA.