Becoming His Slave (Dominion of Brothers, #1) - Talon P.S. I was quite looking forward to reading this one. Lots of rave reviews and a nice long book to counteract the plethora of novellas that seem to have come my way recently.I must admit I struggled through the first 25% of the book. It picked up for me about 40% in, but then again I struggled to finish.I kept getting distracted by the homophone errors that were consistently present throughout the book...fiend/feignedbrake/breakpassed/pastseem/seamshuttered/shudderedprocured/produced (not exactly homophones, but rather incorrect word choice)And then there were words thrown in like "cachinnation" that even though I knew the meaning just seemed out of place and jarring.I must admit I found these errors/choices distracting and it may have contributed to my lack of connection to the story. I never felt pulled into the action. I felt a lot of telling rather than showing.