In Defense of Love (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #216) - Kathleen Creighton Wonderful old SIM.I love a great beta hero and Michael is perfect in that role. There is a bit of a role reversal from the typical category read. Michael is, on the surface, the more conservative of the two with regard to sex and relationships. His previous marriage made him leery of relationships and he is certain he and Brady have too many differences to have a successful relationship.Brady puts up a free and easy front, but as she states late in the book, she is "practically a virgin". One poor choice very early in her life means she had been waiting for the right one. She knows when she meets Michael that the wait is over.The suspense element works well and even though the identity of the assassin is not a complete surprise, it kept my interest.The secondary characters are priceless. The Sunshine's and the Wu's were a fun and entertaining addition to the book.All in all, a great read!