Touch Me in the Morning - Catherine George 3.5 starsEnjoyable old HP. I love a good office romance, however….The heroine was too cold and detached for me. I felt she would have been just as happy without the hero. And our poor hero was starting to give off a pathetic vibe…not good. “Can’t we just be lovers, James?” she asked, sighing. “I’m not sure I can manage to be a wife and carry on writing. And I want so desperately to write.” That about sums up her attitude towards James for the majority of the book.I did take away some interesting learnings:1. Eponymous means giving their name to something.2. Drongo is slang for fool3. Apocryphal is a fancy way to say doubtful authenticity4. A Welshcake is a scone cooked on a griddle.