What's Right (Harlequin Presents) - Melinda Cross If ever an HP had the potential to become a menage story, this one was it LOL!! And I would have cheered them on =)"She looked up a the two men joined by their hands [handshake], and was struck by the illusion which cloaked each one. Elliot, magnetic and mysterious, for all his brooding darkness was still light inside, relatively unmarred by life's experience, still innocent and open, like an expectant boy. Yet Hampton, golden and bronze, almost godlike in white, concealed with his light appearance a dark, tormented mind, scarred by misery and wounded by guilt. Enigmas, both; and Ruth felt the very separate loves she felt for each well up inside until she could barely contain them."For a short while after this part, I could see either man being the hero. I felt the need to skip to the last page to verify that, indeed, Hampton was the hero.However, Elloit was easily distracted by Ruth's assistant and soon out of the picture as a romantic interest.Very enjoyable!