Listed - Noelle  Adams I absolutely loved my first read by this author, [b:A Negotiated Marriage|17227723|A Negotiated Marriage|Noelle Adams||23740778], but this one fell short for me.Yes, I enjoyed it, but the 17/18 and 23 year old main characters seemed more mature than their respective ages. I read all six of them back to back which helped, because any serial book loses points right off the bat with me. I don't like that format and feel any author that uses it will alienate a portion of her potential audience. The story was sweet. The main characters were sweet. But I wanted a bit of bitter to counteract the sweet. I was left wondering at the end: about how she contracted the virus, what had happened with Laura and Paul, why was Paul's father so enigmatic, etc.I would have loved to have read this same story with the characters just a bit older and the unanswered questions fleshed out.I enjoy Ms. Adams writing skill and will hope for more books from her more along the line of A Negotiated Marriage.