Starr Fated (Starr, #1) - G.E. Griffin Looking forward to reading this one. I've enjoyed this author's fanfic, so am looking forward to reading this debut novel.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hmmm....I guess I went into this one with overly high expectations. I loved potential of the story line and the alternating points of view. It was refreshing to have a third point of view added to the mix.While I did like the book overall, I just never felt a real connection to the characters. At times I was tempted to skim at bit, but rejected the urge.Things picked for me towards the end, but I felt the book needed to be tightened up and tweaked. At times, the writing felt a bit simplistic.I am sure the transition from a fanfic blog to an original novel is challenging and I hope to see this author grow into her own.I plan to continue on with Starr Destined when it is released.