Steel and Lace (Lace, #1) - Adriane Leigh A definite FSoG and BtY knock off, but well written and enjoyable.This review is for "books" 1-4. Four short novellas that could easily have been issued as one complete story. There was no reason to issue as four separate installments - at least from a reader's point of view.Despite the knock off story line, there was enough originality to make the "novels" worth reading, but I felt that the author missed with Carter. I understood he had issues, but found no real clue as to why he had those issues. His back story was almost completely lacking. I still don't understand his reaction to her pregnancy news or what happened to her to make her think she could not get pregnant I don't know why he felt everyone he loved would leave him. Despite a crummy dad, he grew up with a loving family. That really bothered me.I hope to see something more original from this author as I think she has the skill to pull it off.