The Wrong Mirror (Harlequin Presents 1020)

The Wrong Mirror (Harlequin Presents 1020) - Emma Darcy 3.5 starsI’ll start with the “didn’t like” parts. Why did Karen hold the funeral and burial in another country? Why didn’t she bring her sister home? That sort of jolted me out of the story and I flipped back to see if I’d missed something.For twins who were so close as to be telepathic, why didn’t she understand her sister’s personality traits? I can see that as she never met Hal (and why was that btw?) she would not have any insight into his character, but not having insight into her mirror twin was hard to believe.And the mirror twin phenomena? 25% of twins are mirror twins, so why it should be a medical, woo-woo miracle is kind of bizarre.There is a serious ick factor of twins having the same lover. I don’t understand Hal staying with her for 6 years and making major life changes to protect her if he didn’t love her. I did like the angst, the writing style and in the end that saved the book for me making it an enjoyable read.I wanted inside Hal’s head. I think more of his POV would have helped me understand (and maybe accept) why he stayed with Kirsty for six years.