Rage to Possess

Rage to Possess - Where to begin with this one...The hero, Revel (gotta love the name, but what was his momma thinking?!), was over the top jealous, cruel, obsessed, cynical and fanatical about the heroine, Carla. He refused to believe anything she told him and even with the proof on her virginity, he refused to believe she was not having an affair with the married Bernard. The evil wife of Bernard perpetuates the misunderstanding because she covets Revel, but wants to keep her wealthy husband for security. Of course, the misunderstood, shy and reserved heroine puts up with it all because there is this inexplicable attraction she feels for Revel and then…oops she “falls” pregnant after one night of forced intimacy. Our caring hero even sets up an appointment for her with his decorator (also his ex-lover) so that she can make some changes to his home.Un-PCness rating is 9 out of 10.Well, you’d think this is sounding like a 1 star book, but it was an eerily compulsive book and I read it straight through and rather than give it a mediocre three, I am going to give it 4 carat rating for Cruelty, Cynicism, Crazy and Compulsive.